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There’s this idea that apartment living is cramped. Of course, there are times where it can feel a little too stuffed, but the same can be said as well for a house. Smaller spaces such as an apartment require less to fill them up. This includes less furniture, decorative items, and storage solutions that can be fairly creative. Even in the smallest of spaces, there are some creative ways to make your apartment feel bigger and airy. You should never let those four walls make you feel closed in, thankfully you won’t need to knock down any as there are creative ways to make your home feel spacious. Try to implement some of these tips to make your apartment or small house feel bigger.

Furnish Wisely

When it comes to small spaces, less is more. While there aren’t any major rules when it comes to decorating a home, if you’re focused on filling a small space, then you’ll be far better off choosing your furniture pieces wisely. This also includes the décor too. You’ll need to be thoughtful, so it’s best to opt for fewer statement pieces. This can even include investing in furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes. A great example would be an ottoman, there are some on the market that are used as storage while at the same time being used as a coffee table, seat, or even a footrest. Another example could include selecting a couch that’s elevated off the floor as this helps frame the living room, it gives the illusion of more space. Having exposed legs such as wood or metal on the furniture can also help draw attention to the flooring while giving the illusion of high ceilings at the same time. It’s also best to choose the décor of the space as well as this can make a major impact on how the space will look.

Careful with the décor

While larger spaces allow for the opportunity and freedom of getting to add personality, there are limits to this when your space is small. This doesn’t mean that your space will be bland or boring, but it’s important to understand that you should only decorate your apartment with the items that you cherish. So make sure there are some restraints when you decorate. You’ll want to work on achieving a balance between visuals and airiness.

Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the greatest ways to make any room in your apartment look and feel bigger. It’s a quick solution, plus it’s excellent for those who’re on a tight budget. There are plenty of ways to utilize mirrors while also creating a balanced look in the space. Wall-to-wall mirrors are bold, but even floor-length mirrors can help create the illusion that the space is twice as large. Mirrors are also great for reflecting more light, to help create a bright and airy appearance. Try to place the mirror across from your window for maximum natural light in the space.

Declutter regularly

\Whether you’re wanting to get through such as the Kondo method, or just looking to clean up a bit decluttering is the best method. Very small apartments, studios, and even houses will need regular decluttering. Small spaces tend to accumulate things at a fast pace without even realizing it. So it’s best to avoid the overcrowded appearance in the apartment by doing a good cleanup. This can include going through everything that you own and figuring out how necessary it is and whether or not it brings something to the space.

Flood the space with light

Apartments tend to have low ceilings, which only adds fuel to the fire of the space looking small. One great illusion would include adding light to the space. While natural light should always be utilized, there’s nothing wrong with artificial lighting either. Look into creating a positive ambiance by flooding your rooms with brightness. This can include lamps, removing curtains, and strategically placing mirrors of other reflective pieces in the room to carry out more light. This is one of the best ways of illuminating the room to help create that spacious bright and airy appearance.


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